Wisconsin Roadsides

On my way to shoot The Broadlands Golf Course in North Prairie, Wisconsin, I saw a stack of hay sitting along the roadside. As I drove past, I noticed a sign underneath that read, “Self Serve.”

I made a mental note to return to take a picture after the day’s shoot.

On my way back, I pulled off the road and took the pictures of the stack of hay and the surrounding area.

As I got close to the stacks, I stumbled across this beautiful box and hand-painted sign.

It restored so much hope.

It reminded me that America isn’t what you see on TV or read in the headlines. Instead, it’s made up of mostly honest, hardworking folks. People busting their asses and making a living.

With a renewed sense of purpose, I explored the nearby area and captured the scenes below.

2016-08-23-Wisconsin Roadside-111350

2016-08-23-Wisconsin Roadside-112040

2016-08-23-Wisconsin Roadside-112070

2016-08-23-Wisconsin Roadside-112120

2016-08-23-Wisconsin Roadside-112340

2016-08-23-Wisconsin Roadside-112490

2016-08-23-Wisconsin Roadside-117360

2016-08-23-Wisconsin Roadside-118440