Vice Golf Ball - On Tee

Vice Golf Ball Review

After the strange unboxing of Vice Pro golf balls, I’ve finally been able to officially field test them. With three rounds of golf with the Vice Pro, I feel that I can give it a fair review.

In short, I love it.

Off The Tee

For me, there was no noticeable difference in performance. I would say that the ball traveled on average about the same as a ProV1. Hitting mostly 3-Woods, the Vice Pro felt great on the club face. I’d say it’s slightly softer than the ProV1, but nowhere near as spongy as the Chromesofts I had been playing.

Approach Shots

I didn’t hit a lot of good irons in the past three rounds. In fact, I haven’t hit many good irons all season. My short game is totally responsible for my handicap getting back to single digits (more on that later).

However, I felt the Vice Pro came out with a bit lower trajectory than the ProV1. But, the Vice Pro was comparable in stopping power.

Around the Green

Either I found the secret or the Vice Pro is the secret. I can’t remember ever hitting so many low, spinning wedges. These balls stop on a dime.

En route to my low round of the year, I shot even par back 9. On the same 9, I hit 3 greens. The shot of the day came on the 12th hole where I hit a 70 yard wedge to a tucked pin with confidence. This ball two hopped to the flag stick and checked to two feet. It was magical.


The feel is great. As I mentioned above with the 3-wood, it’s softer than the ProV1. It takes a small adjustment to find the feel, but it doesn’t feel like you’re putting a sock, as does the Chromesoft.

My favorite feature is the KIL (Keep In Line) Putting Line. Despite its redundancy, there’s no need to mark up these beauties any further.

Vice Golf Ball - On Tee

Vice Pro Conclusion

I love the Vice Pro and I’m definitely a convert. While you get a bunch of weird stares and comments from your playing partners, your performance and your wallet will thank you.