Vice Golf Ball Unboxing

Here is a quick overview of what it’s like to order and receive golf balls from Vice. Based in Germany, Vice looks to disrupt the golf ball market by selling direct to consumers via their website. So what happens when you ditch the middle men and order from Vice?

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The Research Process

I’ve been looking for a new golf ball for a while. For the vast majority of my life, I’ve played Titleist, with the exception of switching to a Callaway Tour iS for a brief period. Recently, I’ve been rotating between Callaway’s Chrome Soft and ProV1. With only a few small differences, the comparison opened my eyes to new technology.

As my supply of each ball started to dwindle, I noticed the Vice brand popping up more and more. I’m guessing one click to the website and I got tracked across social media and different websites.

That being said, the promise of ProV1 like performance at $24.95 per dozen hooked me.

The Shopping Experience

Vice’s website is clean and easy to use. The shopping cart experience is what you’d expect. It’s not as easy as Amazon, but it’s no slouch.

Their golf ball recommender is pretty slick. After a few questions, I had fitted myself with the Vice Pro, regardless of answering Chrome Soft or ProV1.

Beyond golf balls, Vice offers some great gear if you’re into that “bro golf” style. I like their snapbacks, but felt the logo was a bit large. Instead, I opted for a towel with an amazing picture of a lion on it.

After filling my cart, checkout was a breeze. I was happy to learn that Vice accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal.

I received instant confirmation upon completing my order.

Customer Service Experience

Had I not ordered the towel, my best guess is that my golf balls would have shipped without a hitch. The towel happened to be out of stock. I heard from customer service within 48 hours of my initial order.

They gave me the option of waiting for the towel or shipping the golf balls separate. I wanted to go play, so I asked for the golf balls to be shipped separately.

Shipping and Unboxing

With a slight delay from the towel, my golf balls were shipped the next day. I received an meesage saying they left Germany on Thursday, August 4.

The box arrived on Tuesday, August 9 in less than ideal condition (pictures below). My best guess is that my FedEx delivery man was doing his best Ace Ventura impression.

That being said, the balls remained intact and seemed fine.

The packaging of each dozen and the sleeves is awesome. I love the lion and the Vice logo is dope. Also, Vice’s KIL (Keep In Line) putting line is a nice touch. It will save me from defacing these beauties with a permanent marker.

Speaking of permanent marker, my only knock on the golf balls would be their heavy permanent marker odor. Perhaps, this just speaks to their freshness.

If you’ve played Vice let me know your thoughts below. I’ll be posting a review once I play with them for a few rounds.

Unboxing Photos of Vice Golf Balls

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-249000

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-249080

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-249360

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-250220

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-250300

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-251460

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-252140

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-253360

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-253530

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-254300

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-254490

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-255390

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-256080

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-257330

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-300000

2016-08-09-Vice Golf Balls - Unboxing-301400