Black and white old school piano closeup disposable camera

Photo of the Day: Piano

I’m going to date myself and this post. It will be a strange little time capsule living forever on the Internet.

Today, Instagram launched Stories,which at the moment feels very much like Snapchat. It’s the shiny, new toy, and I felt strangely ashamed to post my photo of the day to my account.

I made a commitment to make a daily post here on my blog and on Instagram. This started officially on August 1. As platforms continue to grow and change, it shows why a blog is so important. Here I get to dictate the rules.

Black and white old school piano closeup disposable camera

Now, let’s get to the photo of the day. This beautiful, black and white closeup of piano keys holds a special place in my heart.

I had a disposable camera left over from a high school dance (crazy how that was a thing). With a few pictures remaining on the roll, I took some silly shots around the house.

I distinctly remember sitting on the piano bench with a few photos left. I looked down at the keys and said to myself, “Hey, why not?”

After I got the photos developed at Jewel, I sorted through them and happily discovered this gem.

I’m not sure if it was years, weeks, or just days later, but I needed to choose album art for an early self-published album. In order to use the picture, I scanned the print and uploaded it to a Compaq computer.

Next, I believe I edited it in MS Paint and uploaded it to a program that allowed you to print CD cases covers at home.

It’s truly amazing how far we’ve come. It’s a little sad that it’s rare to capture a beautiful accident these days. But at least we can take family pictures until we can get one with almost everyone’s eyes open.