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Coaching Business Website and CRM: Case Study

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Linda is a freelancer who specializes in coaching for teams and individuals looking for continuous improvement. In addition to coaching, Linda helps manage clients through the process, monitoring improvement and following up.

She is ready to start showing her work online to potential clients. She requires the following pages: Home, About, Blog, Contact, Educational Leadership Services, Methodist Ministry Services. Additionally, she needs to connect leads into an Email Service Provider (Mailchimp) and have leads be able to fill out a form to get in touch. 

She has two distinct client types based on her diverse coaching services (Methodist and Church Leadership / Educational Leadership), both will have their own pages on the website dedicated to the services specific to each.

She is considering future integration with a scheduling service (ScheduleOnce or Calendly) to allow leads to book a consultation time with her and connect directly into her calendar.


  1. Give Linda a simple website to promote her services that is integrated with a CRM.
  2. Allow new clients the opportunity to understand her offerings and get in touch.
  3. Develop a blog where Linda can post regular content updates to her audience and attract new clients.
  4. Provide Linda with a flexible architecture to build on to her site as her business grows. 


  • WordPress website hosted on FlyWheel
  • Development and customization of theme and Home, About, Blog, Contact, Educational Leadership Services, Methodist Ministry Services pages.
  • Hubspot account setup and activation
  • Ongoing support and training