Just Breathe Manual Therapy

Small Business Website: Case Study

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Jeff is a licensed massage therapist and owner of Just Breathe Manual Therapy. Jeff contracted a developer to build a website for him on Webflow, but his business needs have grown beyond its capabilities. Jeff is a content creator with videos, blogs posts and articles published across social media channels and a number of sites in his niche.

Additionally, he is the co-host of Hands at the Table podcast with Bori Suranyi.

Jeff’s technology stack included:

  • Mailchimp (ESP)
  • Google Sheets (client management)
  • Anchor (podcast hosting)
  • Quickbooks (accounting)
  • @gmail.com address (email)
  • Website (webflow)
  • Appointment booking (Calendly).


  1. Give Jeff an easy-to-manage website to promote his business.
  2. Allow new clients the opportunity to understand his offerings and get in touch with direct tie-in to Calendly, Mailchimp and Google Sheets.
  3. Develop a blog where Jeff can post regular content updates to his audience.
  4. Provide Jeff with a flexible architecture to build onto his site as his business grows. 
  5. Give Jeff a Gmail address with his custom Domain.


  • WordPress website hosted on FlyWheel
  • Development and customization of theme and Home, About, Blog, Contact, Massage Therapy and additional content as needed.
  • Mailchimp enabled forms integrated directly on the WordPress website
  • Anchor embedding and podcast episode pages
  • Ongoing support and training