Eagle Springs Golf Resort

They don’t make them like they used to. Eagle Springs Golf Resort is a rare breed of golf course. Built in the 1920s, Eagle Springs is among the oldest golf courses in the country and stands alone as the oldest in Wisconsin. Designed by A.G. Spaulding, the course features some dramatic, bold designs that aren’t found on many modern courses.

Hole 1

The opening hole is an absolute standout. From the back tees, there’s a blind tee shot from the area immediately outside the clubhouse. The green sits in a bowl protected by an enormous hill to defend attempts at a run up.

Eagle Springs Golf Resort - Hole 1- Approach Eagle Springs Golf Resort - Hole 1 - Green


Hole 2

The most memorable hole may be the Par 3 second dubbed “the volcano”.  At only 140 yards, the intimidate tee shot will get your heart pumping with adrenaline.

Eagle Springs Golf Resort - Hole 2 - Tee Shot

Hole 4

The forth hole has my favorite green complex. If it were built today, it would be immediately deemed unfair by the average player. The green is another blind shot from the fairway with a steep drop off to the front and right.

Eagle Springs Golf Resort - Hole 4 - Approach

Hole 7

The seventh is a gem. A downhill tee shotto a green protected in the front by a bunker, but it has a huge backstop which players can take advantage of. The photo below is take from the fairway in front of the green.

Eagle Springs Golf Resort - Hole 7 - Tee Shot

Hole 9

The ninth green is perched on top of a small hill and will deflect half-hearted efforts to any of its sides.

Eagle Springs Golf Resort - Hole 9 - Green


Eagle Springs is worth a special trip because it’s truly a unique place. It reminds you that golf is supposed to be full of challenges that make you smile.